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The World's Most Expensive Caviar

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The World's Most Expensive Caviar
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For those times when nothing but the best will do, you can indulge in the world's most expensive caviar. That is if you are ready to drop $11, 363 for a pound of rare Beluga white caviar.

The brand you'll be looking for is Almas, which comes from Iran and is packaged in a 24-karat gold tin. This fine caviar is sold exclusively through Caviar House & Prunier in London. A kilo (2.2 pounds) costs $25,000 but those on a tighter budget can indulge in smaller tins for $1,192.

If you are going to spend a fortune on this luxurious treat, we recommend you brush up on how to serve and taste caviar. While you're at it, also check out these tips on how to recognize the best caviar

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